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Twenty page book, printed on art paper, centre page electrical diagram and light blue covers, titled "United States Electric Signals - Type K-2 Signal", with three centre staples. Has an illustration of the signal, coloured on the front cover. Gives details of the company, automatic electric block signals for 'railways' - interurban operation. The type K2-signal is one that can register up to 15 cars into and out of a section. Gives details, line diagrams and electrical details of this signal works, installation requirements and Trolley Contactors. Centre page has an electric diagram. Received by ESCo 4/11/1926. Noted by stamp on page 1 "Nachod and United States Signal Co. Inc. successors to the The United States Electric Signal Co. 4771 - 4777 Louisville Avenue, Louisville Ky USA".



The United States Electric Signal Co.

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238H x 152W



State Electricity Commission of Victoria

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