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Sixteen page book with brown paper covers in addition. Pages printed on art paper with a red overprint on some pages. Titled "Nachod Signals", published by the Nachod and United States Signal Co. Inc, successors to Nachod Signal Co of Louisville Kentucky. Has a list of dates on page 2, of patents, the last being 5/2/1918. Has on the bottom of most pages "Nachod Spells Safety" Details the Nachod signals system, type CD with the details of the operation, elements of the system, signal layout, installation and wiring, trolley Contactors, signal aspects, relays, assembly on poles, ordering information, fuses, special designs and modifications, information in ordering, quantity and list of material, and specification details of the Type P on the last three pages.



The United States Electric Signal Co.

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303H x 228W



State Electricity Commission of Victoria

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