Tram No. 39
No. 39 as the display area within the depot - c1996 - Photo Warren Doubleday
Built in 1914 by Duncan and Fraser for the Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust and ran as number 42. Retained this number when classed "E" by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Sold to the State Electricity Commission in 1951 and renumbered 39. This car was acquired by the Lismore Lions Club when the tramways closed in 1971 and displayed in a recreational reserve until purchased by the Society in 1976. No. 39 was converted by the Society into a museum display and souvenir centre located at the depot.
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Albert St Sebastopol, inbound to the City - Jan. 1969 - Photo Peter Moses. Using the Dawson Crossover in Sturt St - 23/8/1971 - Photo Theo Dunstan
Date Built 1914 Builder Duncan & Fraser Adelaide
Technical Details (As Built)        
Type Maximum Traction truck, bogie, drop end and centre combination.
Length 44' 3.5" (13.50m) Width 8' 7" (2.62m)
Height 10' 2" (3.10m) Wheelbase 4' 0" (1.22m)
Approx. Mass 15.4 tons (15.71 tonnes) as modified    
1914 Delivered to Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust as tram No 42.
1920 Taken over by Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board as No. 42, class E.
1951 Sold to State Electricity Commission of Victoria for use on the Ballarat tramway system as No. 39.
1971 Acquired by the Lions Club, Lismore.
1979 Acquired by the BTPS, without motors and body in poor condition.
1986-93 Converted into a static display area.
Heritage Significance:      
One of a number of this type of tram still in working order in Victorian museums.
Conservation Plan:
Retain in the 1950's SEC Colour Scheme without marker lights. Use as a display area. Materials removed from the tram during conversion be retained and stored.
Museum Status:
Static display area.
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