Tram No. 40
Wendouree Parade, 5/11/2006, Photo Peter Winspur
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Interior of Tram 40 Interior of Tram 40
Interior Photograph of No. 40 - Photo by Juliana Durovic 16/9/2017. Interior Photograph of No. 40, showing the etched glass logo of the Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust. - Photo by Juliana Durovic 16/9/2017.

Built in 1913 by Duncan and Fraser for the Prahran and Malvern tramways Trust. Entered service on 7 June 1913 as their number 35. Retained this number when classed "C" by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Sold to the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) and renumbered 40 in 1951. This tram was the last Ballarat tram operted by the SEC to officially carry passengers in Ballarat on 19 September 1971.

40-btm2814i 40-btm379i
Sturt St - 1/1954 - Photo Ben Parle Lydiard St Nth - Railway Station - 22/3/1962 - Photo Wal Jack


Date Built 1913 Builder Duncan & Fraser Adelaide
Technical Details (As Built)        
Type Maximum Traction truck, bogie, drop end and centre combination.
Length 44' 3.5" (13.50m) Width 8' 7" (2.62m)
Height 10' 2" (3.10m) Wheelbase 4' 0" (1.22m)
Approx. Mass 15.4 tons (15.71 tonnes) as modified    
1913 Delivered to Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust as tram No 35.
1920 Taken over by Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board as No. 35, class C.
1951 Sold to SEC for use on the Ballarat tramway system as No. 40.
1971 Acquired by the BTPS.
1980 Operated by the BTPS in Melbourne for the Australia Day Celebrations
2006 Repaint and mechanical refurbishment completed by the BTM and tram returned to service.
  For an article on the history of this tram and its relationship to other Melbourne trams, see the June 2013 issue of Fares Please! pages 9 - 12.
Heritage Significance:      

Historic – Bogie or eight wheel tramcar, fitted with a type of bogie known as a maximum traction – one motor each bogie.  Although built in 1913 for Melbourne, when operated in Ballarat, was considered as a “modern” tramcar compared to the four wheelers.  Retained and recently repainted in the final form of these trams when used for public transport in Ballarat.   At the time of closure of the SEC operated Ballarat system, it was the official “last tram” when it ran from Sebastopol on Sunday 19 September 1971.

Technical – Maximum traction bogie tram that underwent only minor modifications from that time when it operated in Melbourne.

Social – The official “last Ballarat Tram”.

Provenance - well known through various reference books and documents.

Rarity – One of two of this type of tram still in working order in Victorian Museums.

Representativeness – Representative of the typical Ballarat bogie tram that operated from 1945 to 1971 in Ballarat.

Condition-Integrity – remains in operable condition.  Has recently been repainted by the BTM with further mechanical / electric work completed.

Interpretive Potential – shows the form and colour scheme of Ballarat’s bogie trams at the time of closure and will be shortly available for use in Wendouree Parade for visitor hands on experience.
Conservation Plan:
Retain in early 1960's SEC Colour Scheme with marker lights and at time the SEC system closed in 1971.
Museum Status:
Operational vehicle, general use in museum service.
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